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how can i say i love you back? you never made me happy .. [27 Nov 2004|12:10am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

its been awhile.

drowning ... in your kiss

happy easter !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 [11 Apr 2004|12:01pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

happy easter everyone !! - woo

soo this morninq i had to wake up extra early to qo to the
'early' mass .. anyway, i woke up looked @ my basket which
i must say looked really cute .. haha - i didn't wanna open
it, but i did soo that was that lol ;) then later went to mass
& breakfest with the fam ..

now i'm soo exhausted, i need to take a nap lol then i have
to curl my hair up which shouldn't take lonq .. haha - who's
a pro now ;) but @ 2 we have to leave for nj and have our
'easter' dinner up there .. i made a lot of it with my q-mom
yesterdayy mmm - hope it tastes qood you know me with cookinq
ahah<3 but yeaa tara came home from colleqe this weekend with
dave !! yay !! i missed them soo much !!

anyway, i'm doinq an easter eqq hunt for all my little cousins
and since their house is soo huqe it's qoinq to be hard like
it always is .. ahah as tiff would say i live for challanqe ;)
oo yeaa you know it lol .. i lovee my easter outfit its like
pink !! woo - i'll shut up now ..

well sweetheart i need some sleep soo im donee ;; hope you
all have a qreat easter .. love you !!


drowning ... in your kiss

hey chinqy why your eyes soo chinky ? ; ; haha [09 Apr 2004|10:50am]
[ mood | happy ]

hey [babydoll]

i know its to early to wriqht, but thats ok . .
im qoinq to update anyway . . mmkay ? heh - don't
mind if this entry doesn't make any sense

anyway yesterday was soo much fun !! me & ryan
hunq out after church, but i'll qet more into that
later .. we went to church @ st. andrews since
we were up visitinq my qrandparents and like quess
who i saw there ?! chelsea carly tim and beth !!
ahh - that was soo cool .. anyway, after church my
parents dropped me off @ ry's house and me and him
went over to the mini-qolf place !! ahah - it was
a lot of fun, he's seriously crazy .. i lovee him
( qo clean your balls here ) lol !!! yeaa .. i took
a pix of him tryinq to hit his "purple" ball with my
diqital camara .. haha - i'll post it later .. after
mini qolfinq we "crashed" rita's, and i saw john !!
ahh - i haven't seen him in like forever . . . . . .
then later we went back to his house and just hunq out
and did some other stuff ... heh - but i had such
a fun time ..

title or description

my sexy friend ryan hah - <3 ya baby .bff.

today i'm qoinq to qet an outfit for easter, then toniqht i'm
qoinq to mass with sarah and after i think we miqht hanq out
for awhile .. soo it should be fun !! the bvm youth qroup is
qoinq to do a remake of the ressurection or somethinq alonq
those lines soo were qoinq to see that to .. yupp i think
thats it for today ..

well baby i'm qoinq to qet ready to leave for oxford ;;

love you

drowning ... in your kiss

paintinq the town your favorite color . . [08 Apr 2004|10:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hey [baby]

the oc wasn't on last niqht : / i was sad . . . lol

soo besides that i went to the naz dance it was fun,
everyone was seriously crazy last niqht haha - would
someone please tell me what that kids name is ? . .

_ 4 dOuble 1 _

name: brittany
single or taken: sinqle - woo heh
sex: la fille xox hah - like my french ; )
bday: 1 l 24 l 89
sign: aquarius
siblings: n o n e
hair color: blonde
eye color: blue
shoe size: 7
height: 5'3

_ r e l a t i o n s h i p s _

who are your good friends?: sarah ; syl ; nessa ; shikha ; jill ; michelle ; val ; jill p. ; sam ; ally ; kim ; sara ; kirsten ; shann ; jess ; tina ; courtney ; manda ; ash ; kelly ; lil'k ; heather ; sam c. ; becca ; diana ; tracy ; nikki ; merry ; jamie ; laur ; jess c. ; elise ; meq ; meq q. ; julie ; beth ; kim p. ; kim ; kell w ; kim ; sam m. ; brittney ; kate ; debbie ; all the basil and naz people . . love you qirls !!
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope, i'm sinqle . .
mmm hmm lol
who?: - - - - - -
do you have a crush ? yes, i have few crushes . .
haha - ry my list !!

_ f a s h i o n | s t u f f _

where is your favorite place to shop: abercrombie ; hollister
; ae ; bebe ; ardenb ; express ; quess ; ralph lauren ;
etcc ( preppy stores are like my weakness lol )
what color do you often paint your nails: ( pink ) !!
lol - what'd you know ?
what style type would you consider yourself: preppy & qirly
do people follow your look: actually yes haha - they like what
i wear i quess ; ; ; , , . .

_ s p e c i f i c s _

what are you most scared of?: buqs !!
oo and since "buqs" has been brouqht up there
is a spider in the basement bathroom . . and noone is home : / yuck .. someone come over and kill it for me =) heh
what are you listening to right now?: yellowcard
who is the last person that called you?: tara ?
where do you want to get married?: a lot of my family has been married in ireland, soo thats a maybe lol or i could just qet married here . . lol i dunno i'm to younq yet
how many buddies are online right now? since it is so early
only 18 . . .
what would you change about yourself?: my braces

_ f a v o r i t e s _

subjects in school: french<3
animals: doqqies !! hah - i lovee them
sports: cheerleadinq !! woo - also basketball,
soccer, and softball

h a v e | y o u | e v e r

given anyone a bath?: yes
smoked?: nope
bungee jumped?: omq that looks soo fun !! but
no i haven't yet . . lol
been in love?: nope
made yourself cry to get out of trouble? haha - always
pictured your crush naked?: oo yea like all the time, i
mean you know me lol j/t
actually seen your crush naked?: the people i currently
like no . . but the quy i thouqht was cute down the shore,
yeaa i sort of did =X lol lets keep that to ourselves mmkay ?
cried when someone died?: of course
lied: once in a while
fallen for your best friend?: nope
been rejected?: not for a lonq time, but i quess you could
say i have , , ,
rejected someone?: yes : / very hard to do, but i was always
nice about it sooo you know ..
used someone?: no
done something you regret?: a few thinqs

_ r a n d o m _

favorite band: the startinq line ; somethinq corporate ; the used ;
yellowcard ; story of the year ; brand new ; thrice ; thursday ;
taken back sunday ; etcc
desktop picture: me and bri taken @ the formal ; ;
kay-kay took it !! very cute
book your reading: catcher in the rye

_ l a s t | p e r s o n _

you touched: eric
hugged: parents
you imed: chris
you yelled at: i forqet ?
you kissed: steve

a r e | y o u

understanding: yupp
open-minded: yes
arrogant: nope
insecure: not really
interesting: i hope so lol yeaa
random: oo yeaa
hungry: a little lol
smart: yes
moody: sometimes ; ; but not many people can notice lol
hard working: sometimes
organized: yupp
healthy: hopefully lol
shy: no
difficult: haha - i can be if you wanted me to !!
attractive: i don't know
bored easily: hah - it happens
messy: lockerr . . =X lol
responsible: yes
obsessed: adam brody & the color pink !!
angry: oo yeaa let me tell you . . .
sad: no
happy: yeaa & tired
hyper: a little
trusting: yupp ; ;
talkative: like always
legal: illeqal -
prude: nope
virqin: yupp

_ w h o | d o | y o u | w a n n a _

kill: you lol j/t
slap: hmm . . . currently noone
look like: hilary duff
talk to offline: my friends
talk to online: my friends ?

_m o r e l r a n d o m l s t u f f_

in the morning I am: sleepy
all i need is: my friends and quys heh <3
love is: speciall
i dream about: the stranqest thinqs like last
niqht i dreamnt about beinq @ my neiqhbors
house, and for some reason carty was there . .
so i decide to sit on his lap and he qets all you know . .
and then some how i end up beinq @ naz and thats all i
remember . .

w h i c h | i s | b e t t e r

coke or pepsi: i don't like soda .. mmkay ? lol don't ask
why i just don't .. the only soda i kind of like is sprite
and shirley temples but thats it .. heh yeaa
flowers or candy: both
tall or short: short

_ s t u f f _

what do you notice first: eyes ; smile ; nice arms ;
and personality
last person you slow danced with: some quy named eric
makes you laugh the most: omq like all my friends . . .
heh they are seriously crazyy i love them . . .
makes you smile: everyonee =))
i used to be really close to and aren't anymore: trisha
changed so much: a lot of people but in a qood way
who do you have a crush on: i don't really have a "crush" it's more like i think a lot of people are cute some i miqht think a little more of but yeaa know . . . if yaa wanna see my "list" comment . . . haha - don't ask . . . ;)
who has a crush on you: quys from my school and other schools . . .
is easiest to talk to: sarah & syl and all my friends

_ d o | y o u | e v e r _

sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?: oo all the time ;) lol no i have life . . .
save conversations: sometimes
wish you were a member of the opposite sex: pssh no . .
wish you were younger: sometimes
cried because someone said something to you?: like what ?
somethinq mean . . hmm . . yeaa i miqht have . .

_ n u m b e r _

of times I have had my heart broken: a few
number of hearts i have broken: mmm a few . . : /
of guys I've kissed: i can't remember anymore
of continents I have lived in: 1
of tight friends: it's "up" there
of cds i own: " a lot "
of scars on my body: none except for a tiny one on my knee
of things that i regret: a few thinqs

_ y o u r | t h o u g h t s _

I know: how to makee people happy ; ;
I want: to know if friends with benefits is ok
because i'd rather not be tied down now heh -
then aqain what would the person think ? i dunno . .
I have: to dial sarah's pad . . haha !! we are such dorks
I hate: people who are double-faced
I hear: the best of me - " tell me what you thouqht about
when you were qone " . . . haha - yeaa
I search: for my cell
I wonder: how many licks it takes to qet to the center
of a tootsie pop , , heh
I regret: some thinqs that happened in the past . . . yuppp lol
I love: youuu this much ________________________________________
< - - now thats a lot of love<3 lol

_ F i n a l | q u e s t i o n s _

gold or silver: silver
what was the last film you saw at the movies?: passion . .
what did you have for breakfast this morning?: nothinq yet
who would you love being locked in a room with? haha - adam brody
and my list . . im such a dork lol
could you live without your computer? no . lol
would you color your hair? yeaa
could you ever get off the computer? yes ? lol i'm not obsessed with my computer . . lol
habla espanol? no i don't speak spanish
how many people are on your buddy list?: 200 -
drink alcohol? occasionally on special occasions
what hurts the most? when you lose someone . .

im soo exhausted, i'll update later .. xox love you babydoll

holla @ your qirl ;) [ haha ]

drowning ... in your kiss

just another time i'll hold my tears ; ; . . [06 Apr 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | okay ]

leavinq ::*:: the startinq line

please don't leave me without sayinq
qoodbye , qoodbye . . .

you and i cold february niqht, it's been
half an hour. takinq sweet time sayinq our
qoodbyes. one minute more. the best day of
my life is all thanks to you. precious remembrance
saved for rainy days or february. few scenes from my
life or moments mean more to me then our fine niqht,
i remember like yesterday, the time of my life.


in your kiss

"sleep in your own bed toniqht" . . - tsl [05 Apr 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]


it's been awhile since i've updated, but i just haven't
felt like it .. lol i know you all missed me !! ;)

soo last week was assesments which i'm happy to sayy i
did well on !! woo - on friday was the last social, it
was crazy !! seriously crazy .. lol i'm qoinq to keep
it to myself for now .. =D heh anyway, everyone thouqht
me and sarah were twins @ the social .. they didn't believe
us when we said we weren't, it was nuts .. lol yeaa were
collin's cooler's liqht twins ;)

besides that my week was pretty basic ;;

easter break [ holy week ] is this week .. not suree what
i'm doinq yet except for wednesday, friday niqht, and sundayy ..
wednesday i'm hanqinq out with sarah ;; friday niqht qoinq to
church and hanqinq out with sarah ;; sundayy - easter !! lol
and saturday i miqht be qoinq shoppinq with syl .. soo thats it
soo far ,,,

hah - i just realized that the carnival is cominq up in a few
weeks !! woo - then summer !! - haha i can't wait !!

question ...
what does "dsl" mean ?
not the "dsl" modem . . .
but somethinq that a person has . . .
well someone said i had it & they won't
tell me what it means =/ heh - nicee ..
why'd they even mention it if they didn't
want me to know ... yeaa lol so if you know
comment ....... thanks !! it's just been really
botherinq me lol <33

" my hopes are so hiqh that your kiss miqht kill
me so won't you kill me so i can just die happy " ..
- dashboard confessional

isn't that such a cute qoute/lyric ?? .. i know you
can't answer that, but heyy whatever lol

ahah - i was readinq my old lj thanks to lovely syl lol
and i can't believe what i wrote in there .. seriously
i was like the biqqest dork ever, and this was only a
year aqo .. qoshh<3 could i have tried any harder ..
ehh .. i have chanqed a lot in a qood way .. heh yes
a definite chanqe .. i mean seriously i couldn't have
just said he was cute and be done with it lol no i took
it to the extreme .. ok well i'm definietly deletinq that
lj .. *blushes* it's totally embarrassinq .. haha - lets
just pretend that never happened mmkay ?

woo - i'm stayinq over my cousins apartment in rutqers for
a weekend .. haha - should be cool ..

well sweetheart i'm outtie ;; lovee you

x o x

drowning ... in your kiss

it's like . . . i love youu ,, haha !! [28 Mar 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i'm not a perfect person
there's many thinqs i wish i didn't do
but i continue learninq
i never meant to do those things to you
and so i have to say before i go
that i just want you to know

i've found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you . . .

i'm sorry that i hurt you
it's something i must live with everyday
and all the pain i put you through
i wish that i could take it all away
and be the one who catches all your tears
thats why i need you to hear

i've found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you . . .

i'm not a perfect person
i never meant to do those things to you
and so i have to say before i go
that i just want you to know

i've found a reason for me
to change who i used to be
a reason to start over new
and the reason is you . . .

i've found a reason to show
a side of me you didn't know
a reason for all that i do
and the reason is you . . .

omq this is sonq is sooo qood - i lovee it
this much ________________________________
haha - sarah !! alriqht well i have to qet
ready to qo to the coffee house . . . x o x

love [you]

drowning ... in your kiss

. . whats your fantasy ? . . haha [27 Mar 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

hey [sexyy]

ahh - this weekend has been soo qreat ..

yesterdayy was the formal, it was soo much fun
i met soo many sophs and their all such sweethearts<3
i lovee them .. me and bri made a dance up haha - its
called the "bb" how creative ;) anyway, after the dance
we went to applebees - yumm it was soo qood !! haha -
me and amy were sinqinq all the awesome sonqs they
were playinq .. everyone watched us haha - we felt
special .. i qot home @ around 1ish and then went to
beddy - hehe

today i had to wake up @ 8 !! eek . i was soo upset,
but see my qrandparents were takinq me to the met in
ny soo i had to .. =/ the met was ok, i was
honestly to tired to really care .. lol yeaa you know
me .. but later when i qot home i had to leave aqain to
qo see qodspell with sarah, awhs - it was sooo qood !!
haha - i lovee her friends their soo crazyy ..

now i'm home doinq nothinq .. when i should be at julie's
birthday partyy, but see i cauqht somethinq from all the
cheerleaders and i don't really feel up to it .. haha -
thanks qirls .. jp ;)

aren't abercrombie boys soo hot ?! ahah - tara introduced
me to one, and i was like dieinq .. veryy funny

my shoulders hurt, i need a massaqe .. lol random but
it's true i do need one, it's been hurtinq all day =/

well baby i'm outtie ;; xox

love [lots]

ps. earlier i was watchinq "fantasies" on mtv, and some
peoples fanatasies were soo wierd .. ahah - if youu want..
comment and tell me what your is .. dont feel obliqated
thouqh .. haha - i just wanna see how crazyy you people
really are ;) ok babydoll thats all for now, don't be to
sad . .

in your kiss

. . . you can have the best of me . . . [26 Mar 2004|04:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hey [babyy]

haha - st. joe's beat wake last niqht, which means
steve owes me somethinq .. ;) just playinq hun you
don't owe me anythinq, even thouqh i was riqht
and it was a bet .. but see i'm nice soo i'll let youu
qo just this once .. ;) heh

i just qot my hair done for the dance toniqht, eep ..
it's soo pretty !! i lovee it .. i can't wait until
toniqht it's qoinq to be "off the hook" as bri would
say .. haha - he's such a wierdo ..

haha - ally & court decorated my locker today, just
for the fun of it .. you qirls are crazyy .. lol .bff.
oo and on mondayy i'm decoratinq ash's locker for her
"half-birthday" .. ahah - it's qoinq to look soo cute .. =)

well sweetheart i'm out ;; xox

love [lots]

in your kiss

. . r e a s o n . . [25 Mar 2004|07:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hm i had a qood day. we had suchh a long homeroom but
its cool i had fun. it was supposed to be so nice out
today but noo. it kinda rained. oh well. i had a free 6th,
that was good. haha sean buffinqton and matt paul fouqht
in 4th lunch. haha i wasnt there but its still hilarious.
so crazyy!

oh yeah -- yesterday we went to chapel for reliqion LOL beth.
and yeah she qot all the answers right. be a nun when you grow
up sweetheart. lol <3

soo tom. is the soph hop should be a fun time. bri is soo
funny i lovee him =) .bff. heh anyway, my dress is soo
pretty i'll be sure to take lots of pictures. don't you
worry ;)

next weekend is the ryan social i'm wearinq all abercrombie
includinq the yummy scented perfume i qot from there. haha
- kary ..

well baby i'm qoinq to watch lizzie mcquire ;; leave one<3

love [lots]

ps me & sarah are visitinq bvm on monday. lol - were
such dorks.

in your kiss

brush your shoulders off [22 Mar 2004|07:53pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

hiya<3 !!

today was actually fun !! heh -

1st pr. - shann came back from hawaii !!
haha - she brouqht me back a "pink" lai .. =)
eep. i lovee it !! thanks shann !! ilu !! bff lol

2nd pr. - ehh .. cerone was beinq his typical self ..
nothinq excitinq happened in that class ..

3rd pr. - ash nikki jen lexy and nina all cut so they
came down to my lunch .. haha - they're crazy .. anyway,
lil'k told me she met "juice" and she said the whole time
they were with him he was hiqh .. soo she doesn't like him ..
yeaa he was always immature like that, i don't like him very
much but whatever ..

4th pr. - took my french test which was veryy easy =) woo
and syl sat next to me !! haha - i was soo happy

5th pr. - took my reliqon test which was also veryy simple,
and spiked up tom's hair haha - he looked soo cute

6th pr. - took notes and talked to kelly, kim, ash, and
kim about everythinq .. lol interestinq convo

7th pr. - reviewed for our test ;; talked to everyone ;;
and had some of heather's sprees .. yumm lol

8th pr. - we did absolutely nothinq in her class .. soo
i slept throuqh half of it, then the rest played mash with
kell, kate, bob, and murphy .. haha - what fun ..

after school me and syl watched the quys play lax and
baseball .. haha - thats always fun .. then we took pix
with her cell, and they came out really cute .. i'll have
to put them up in here when i qet them .. =) mmkay ? lol

well i have to qo and call syl ;; xox

love [lots]

in your kiss

. . . ocean avenue . . . [21 Mar 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hey [babydoll] !!

soo this weekend was a lot of fun ..

friday ;; i hunq out with jay, and we watched american
weddinq .. durinq the movie richie vin ryan and bri stopped
by haha - we played pinq ponq with jay's "old school"
pinq ponq table very fun .. anyway after like 3 qames i
stopped, and they started playinq beer ponq .. lol keep
drinkinq that smirnoff ry ;) but yeaa it was a lot of fun ..

saturday ;; i went over sarahs house, and we talked a lot ..
haha - i added someone backk on to my "list", can't say who
but he deserves to be on it since he is just soo cute .. lol
i know i'm corny but thats why you love me riqht ? ;)
anyway, after talkinq for hours we watched secondhand lions
!! heh - we've been wantinq to see it for like the past 8
months .. incase you didn't know that movie is a total
"insider" ahah - no television !! lol but it was pretty
qood ..

today ;; i slept in and made blueberry muffins, as you
can probably tell i'm really bored .. now i have to
study for my sci. test, mmm - even more excitinq .. ;)

i've been watchinq sprinq break `o4 on mtv .. and i've
already seen tara, nikki, alina, and chris on it .. haha
- i was like ahh - their on tv ;) but i thouqht that was
cool .. omq there was this show camp cool cancun and it
was a show on how these 3 really dorky quys become cool
in 7 days .. awhs - i felt soo bad for them, atleast in
the beqinninq .. in the end this really fat kid qot a
hickey, and he was like woah look @ me .. heh it was
funny .. but i'm happy their not as dorky anymore,
haha - it really qot to me ..

3 months till summer !! woo baby !! =))

heh - i'm qoinq to bouncy !! x o x

love [lots]

drowning ... in your kiss

o n e - c a l l - a w a y [19 Mar 2004|09:32pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

hey baby !!

it's fridayy ;;

i decided to keep jay company toniqht instead of
qoinq to the north dance .. his pop-pop had died yesterday,
and he's pretty upset .. soo i wanted to make him happy
aqain, or atleast try to cheer him up .. i think it's workinq =)
haha - soo we just went to rita's and i qot a manqo waterice -
yumm - only probelm was i accidently tripped on like a cup or
somethinq and my waterice went flyinq .. and quess where it
landed ?!! on jay's shirt .. =X lol it was soo funny .. but
then he qot me back with his water, and i was wearinq a white
shirt .. yeaa smart one jay .. ;) lol were about to watch
american pie 2, soo i'm qoinq to bouncy babycakes !! love yaa

x o x

chinqy/christina tour june 19th !! woo - one call away -
hehe - i heart<3 that sonq

happy spinqtime baby !! =) lol bye !!

drowning ... in your kiss

s o d a - p o p * . . . . [18 Mar 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]


soo today was alriqht .. the seniors did the "sit in" for like
3 minutes, but didn't qo throuqh with it because the teachers
startinq makinq threats .. ehh .. whatever

ahah - i brouqht in my yearbook today, and everyone was like
woah you've totally chanqed and to think i thouqht my hair
was actually liqht at the end of seventh .. mmm - lol

i'm seeinq thrice this weekend with lafferty !! - woo it's
qoinq to be soo much fun, haha - i need to enrich myself
with some of their music .. i only know one sonq which is
"stare into the sun" .. i really like it thouqh so i'm sure
i'll like their other sonqs to ..

tom it's suppose to snow aqain =/ i'd like it if we had off,
but see that never happens .. soo i'm not hopinq for anythinq ..

i met 3 roman quys yesterday, their all such sweethearts<3 haha ..
i just met them and i'm already in lovee with them .. but i'm
also supposed to meet my friends friend from roman [nick] and
her other friend [sean] ones a fresh and the other is a soph ..
i also wanna meet shann's ex-boyfriend from north his name is
steve and he's a soph .. quess i'll see him tommorrow if i qo ..

oo quess what i qot a 100 on my french test !! woo - i was
worried that i did bad, but i didn't .. haha - qo me

val, sam, moreen, anq, ctine, qina, jen, brit, aly, tracy,
and tara are all qoinq to myrtle beach tommorrow for the
nationals .. hehe - i'm so jealous ;) next year i'm definitely
tryinq out for the team, haha - i think i'm a good cheerleader
i mean i did it for like 4 years soo yaa know thats an advantaqe ..

well baby i'm outt ;; xox

love lots<3

in your kiss

t i p s y [17 Mar 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

haha - i just met 3 quys from roman .. mmmm ..
brit had fun ;)

love [lots]<3

tom your so wierd !! haha - love ya

in your kiss

"because like..ya know what i mean?" haha - tim [17 Mar 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hey [cutie piee] !!

happy st. patrick's day !! =) woo -

hope everyone had a qood day

soo i finally went backk to school today ;; haha - everyone
missed me, i felt soo special !! my oral presentation for
meredith went really well, i'm so relieved i qot it over
with .. he makes me mad lol qrr .. my principal is soo qay ..
she chanqed the schedule on the play soo that we could only
see the 1st half of it, and stay the whole day instead of
leavinq early .. and because of this people are planninq
to have a "sit in", they have the riqht to ..haha - but i
doubt it'll actually happen, it's probably just all talk ..
but you never know ..

mmm - i just qot new lip qloss, and it smells really qood ..
haha - i'm in lovee with it ;)

well suqarr i'm out ;; xox

love lots<3

" note to self "
show lil'k a picture of juice tommorrow ..

in your kiss

. . . there's 2 sides to every story . . . [16 Mar 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | irritated ]


my root canal is finally over - woo .. i had to qo in twice
[ yesterday & today ], and it hurt a lot .. =/ yuck . i had
to have over 15 novacane shots in my mouth .. but atleast i'm
not in pain anymoree so all in all it turned out well ..

anyway, i'm mad .. i don't really feel like talkinq about it
soo i won't .. lol

4 days till sprinq baby !! <333 i just can't wait till
schools officially out, then everythinqs " p e r f e c t " . . .

well cutie [piee] i'm outtie ;; x o x

[ <3 lots ]

in your kiss

bump . bump . bump ; ; woo [13 Mar 2004|12:21pm]
[ mood | sore ]

hey [babycakes] !!

sorry i haven't updated in awhile, i just haven't felt like it ..

well yesterday me and aly went to see tom off to this nazareth qirls
soph hop .. awhs - he looked soo cute !! haha - i lovee that kid ..
anyway, after we saw him off me and aly went up to bucks to meet up
with nicole, arianna, kary, and kira .. we went to some quy's house
party, which was alriqht everyone was trashed thouqh .. i saw soo
many freshman !! haha - it was crazyy .. we left at around 12ish
and went back to ari's house .. then we played some ddr which by
the way i'm a pro at haha .. i left at like 1:30 ..

todayy i had to qo the dentist because my tooth hurt ..
and it turns out i havee to qet a root canel mmm - fun fun fun ..
whatever atleast i qet out of school =) haha -

soo toniqht i'm qoinq up to nesh with syl .. i'm qoinq to buy
somethinq for the north dance and the ryan soph hop [ incase
you didn't know i'm qoinq with brian ] .. anyway, i'm also
suppose to meet some quy from roman that my friend wants to
hook me up with but i'm not suree when thats suppose to happen ..

hmm .. tom i have nothinq special planned .. i miqht see sarah
haha - she qot her hair re-hiqhlited and shorter .. i want to
see it soo bad !! lol .. i'm qettinq my hair cut tom, actually
more like trimmed but i am qettinq anqles and all soo hopefully
it'll look cute .. then in like may i'm qettinq my color like
hilary duff's because i lovee her hair .. haha - anyway, i have
to also qo to church soo i'll prob just qo at niqht ..

ahh - i qot my pictures developed !! they look sooo cute,
haha i'll definetly have to put them up here !! you're qoinq
to lovee<33 them .. i know i do !! =)

well sexii i'm out ;; lovee you

x o x

in your kiss

it's only your shadow . . . [07 Mar 2004|01:09pm]
[ mood | giddy ]


like the new icon ? it's of seth and anna ..
awhs - it's ashame their not toqether anymoree,
i thouqht they looked really cute with eachother ..

my weekend was a lot of fun ..

yesterday i went up to new york with tara and her
boyfriend - he is soo cute - i had such a fun time
up there .. i miss it alreadyy lol

when i qot back from new yorkk me and sarah went
to see 50 first dates .. qoshh that was such a
cute movie, i wasn't sure if it'd be any qood but
it was .. haha - i want a baby penquin ..

after the movie i came home and went over tom's
house .. i played him in pool but like usaul he
won .. haha - i'm incapable of hittinq the ball
with his demented pool stick he made me use ..
that was so planned tommy .. ;)

friday was the social which was soo much fun ..
i saw soo many people from bvm - it was crazyy ..
syl didn't qo because she qot really sick .. =(
we missed youu syl !! i'd qet more into detail
but i don't feel like it .. haha - sorry ally

anyway, today i had modelinq it was veryy borinq ..
me and tiff basically just had to take a few head
shots, and then we were aloud to leave .. we went
over to wendy's afterwards haha - don't spill your
coke on your skirt aqain ..

i made a entry yesterday for only syl and sarah to
read soo if you're one of them loq in !! lol

alriqht babyy i'm out <33 you


drowning ... in your kiss

keep it pimpin' like an old man [06 Mar 2004|12:09pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey [cutie piee] !!

awhs - i fell in lovee with this qoute, its just soo cute ..
thanks tiff for lettinq me steal it !! hehe

here it is ..

i wish i could explain to youu what i see in ur eyes
and how just by hearinq your voice i get butterflies
or how when youu smile my heart skips a beat
until the dayy your mine, my lifes just [ incomplete ]

well babyy i'll update later about my week kk ?? i'm
just way to tired to wriqht it all down ..

<3 you

p.s [ash] told youu he look like adam brodyy haha

in your kiss

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